The Love Bar Cord Necklace


Red symbolizes energy, confidence and change. It also brings passion and strength to all facets of your life. The natural silk red cord paired with the Love Bar charm reminds you to be love in action every day.

10% of net profits from your purchase supports mindfulness programs for children.

Product Details

  • Cord: 18” Red Natural Silk Cord
  • Pendant: 20mm Nickel plated brass
  • Made in the USA
  • Care Instructions:                                                                                                      Like any fashion jewelry, products made with our charms should be treated carefully. Please avoid getting the charm wet, or having it come in to contact with chemicals. Soaps, perfumes, salt water, etc. can all affect the finish of the charm. We do not recommend wearing the necklace in the shower, while swimming, or while exercising. The charm and necklace closures are plated, not solid, so they cannot withstand the same sort of wear that a solid gold wedding band can, for example.

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